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Ms. Jamie Gilbert
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Ms. Trisha Davenport
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Ms. Melissa Robertson
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Driver's License Information

Absence Notes

Notes to excuse absences can be:

▪ Faxed to 702-799-1355, marked “Attention: Attendance Office.” 

▪ Scanned/photographed and emailed to

▪ Telephone calls will not be accepted.

Required components of an absence note include: 

a. Date(s) of the absence(s) 

b. Print the student’s first and last name and student number 

c. List the approved reason (NRS 5113): 

  • The student is physically or mentally unable to attend school or the absence is related to the student’s disability. 

  • The approval of the teacher or principal has been given for an unavoidable absence due to an emergency. 

  • The student is absent due to a required court appearance or a religious holiday. 

  • The absence has been pre-arranged upon the written request of the legal guardian (up to a 10 day yearly maximum). 

d. Parent/guardian’s printed name and telephone number 

e. Parent/guardian’s signature

Prearranged Absences

In order to submit a prearranged absence, please complete this Prearranged Absence Form. Once submitted, an Attendance Office staff member will send a confirmation email to the parent/guardian email provided.

When submitting requests for prearranged absences, please be reminded it is the responsibility of the student to coordinate with his/her teachers in order to obtain and submit missed assignments.

Questions regarding attendance/attendance policies can be emailed to