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Principal's Message

The Cougar Experience


Mike Piccininni

Coronado High School Principal

Welcome to Coronado High School!  I have been endlessly proud to serve as the principal of our 5-star, nationally ranked school since the start of the 2013-2014 school year.  Over those years our school has evolved, improved, and established itself (even in the most challenging circumstances) as one of the finest, not only in Southern Nevada, but anywhere in the country.  


Our teachers and faculty provide a top-tier academic, social, and co-curricular experience, while creating an environment that fosters creative thinking, problem solving, and mastery of content.  Our coaches and athletes aim to play in the last game of the season, hang state championship banners in our gym, and build lasting friendships among their teams in the comradery of competition.  Our music and art directors facilitate the creation of masterpieces, student-led groups, and the reward of the beauty only art can provide.  From Career and Technical education, to our Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese language programs, and including over 100 clubs and activities, Coronado High School is a magical place with endless opportunity.  


Ultimately, it is our goal to ensure our students have the skills and experiences necessary to choose their path after graduation.  We feel so lucky to share our school with future lawyers, doctors, servicemen and women, artists, musicians, computer scientists, ideologists, researchers and other limitless career pathways in their search for what they want to be when they “grow up”.  It is my singular hope, without exception, that all of our students are only one thing when indeed that happens: happy.


I have the highest hopes for a bright future… and cannot wait to enjoy the journey.  


All the best, 


Mr. Piccininni

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