Student Tech Help

GAFE – Google Apps for Education

  • All active CCSD students have access to a CCSD-Based Google Apps account.

  • New students can click here for their AD/Google username.

  • If you are new or don’t know your password, go to Select the first option: Reset your password.

  • Changing your Google password also changes your Canvas and Infinite Campus passwords.



How do students log into Canvas?

Students access Canvas through the Clever Portal. Go to​​.  

Your username is the same as your Google username without the

Your password is the same as your Google password.

Once you are logged in, click on the Canvas icon,  Getting Started for Students.​ Students may also find the​ Getting Started with Canvas Infographic​ helpful.

How do parents get an account in Canvas?

Parents can​ create an observer account​ so they can view their student’s grades and course content. It’s a versatile and user-friendly tool. Go to The parent resource, ​ Getting Started in Canvas Infographic​ (translated​ infographic in Spanish​), is a great document as well. This information is also located on the Clark County School District (CCSD) website at​.

Are all students required to log in through Clever to access Canvas?

Yes, all elementary, middle, and high school students are required to login to Clever to access Canvas. Students may access Clever at ​​.

Chromebook Update Instructions

Most of the time, Chromebooks automatically manage their operating system (OS) updates so that the device has the latest software and security features. Sometimes, however, auto-updates get turned off, which usually happens when a Chromebook has not been used for a while. If this happens, the Chromebook will need to be updated manually, so that auto-updates can resume.  CCSD has created a “How-To” Guide, available by clicking the button below.


For Video Playback Issues:

1.  Launch the Chrome Browser

2.  Go to YouTube, sign in with your Nevada Gmail account.  (You can go to Gmail and sign in there, then go to YouTube as well)

3.  Click on your profile picture and scroll down to where it says Restricted Mode.

4.  Click on Restricted Mode and move the slider to off.

For Google Meet Issues:

If you are having issues with your tabs closing during switching and sharing in Google Meet, try updating Google Chrome.

To manually update Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome.

  1. At the top right, click the three dots.

  2. Scroll down to Help.

  3. Choose "About Google Chrome"

Google Chrome should auto-update.
Click Relaunch.

Infinite Campus Portal

  • You have to sign in to the website from a computer (not a tablet or mobile device) prior to using the mobile app.

  • If prompted, select Clark County School District, Nevada.

  • If you’re unable to log in to the mobile app (Your account needs attention!), please sign in to the campus portal website.

  • For more information about CCSD’s Infinite Campus Portal, please click here.


  • Most parents created an account during registration for school.

  • If you don’t remember setting up an account/your password, you can email


  • Your username is the same as your Google username without the

  • Your password is the same as your Google password.



  • Student password resets may be done at

  • You MUST log in to the website from a computer (not a tablet or mobile device) before you can use the app!

  • BE ADVISED: If you enter the incorrect password too many times, you will have to complete a Captcha.  The Captcha is CaSE-sENsiTIve.

  • For any other questions, please contact the school at

Infinite Campus Mobile Apps





Microsoft Office 365


  • Office 365 is available to all secondary (middle/high school) students.

  • It is for use at home, on a personal computer/tablet/phone/etc.

  • Your Office365 username is the same as your Google username EXCEPT replace nv with ad.

  • The password is your AD/Google password.


Additional questions may be directed HERE